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Living with painfully decayed or missing teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious and embarrassed about your smile. Without all your teeth, you may find it difficult to eat or stay healthy, too. If this is your situation, we provide premium digital dentures in Danville, VA and can renew your smile, confidence, and health in just a few dental appointments at our office! Through our streamlined digital process, we custom make your new partial or full dentures to fit comfortably and improve your smile aesthetics, dental function, and health. Better yet, all our digital dentures come with a 5-year warranty for added security and peace of mind. Don’t keep living with painful or missing teeth. We’ll help you look and feel better with our personalized digital dentures!

"We’ll help you look and feel better with our personalized digital dentures."

Benefiting from Custom Dentures

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Our Digital Dentures Process

Providing a more personalized and efficient alternative to traditional treatment, our team at VSP Dental is pleased to offer premium digital dentures for our patients. Unlike the normal process, often characterized by goopy impressions, improper fits, and multiple adjustments, we can streamline your care and ensure an amazing denture fit the first time through our digital treatment. We begin by taking digital impressions and a bite registration of your mouth. Then, using our sophisticated 3Shape CAD/CAM design software, we’ll digitally create your new full or partial denture to your smile specifications and even to complement your lip line and skin tone.

Next, we’ll 3D print your new denture right in our dental lab using our sophisticated Ivoclar PM7 Mill and high-quality materials. We use Ivoclar’s unique monolithic disc to mill your denture from a solid, bicolored tooth and denture base. This process ensures we get a precisely patient-fitted result that optimizes aesthetics, strength, and function while minimizing the risk of denture cracks and fractures. In cases where your denture needs to be fabricated elsewhere, we only work with dental labs that maintain a superior level of quality. Our lab is also equipped with the tools and materials to complete your denture process, including staining and glazing. In a significantly shorter treatment time, we’ll be able to provide you with high-quality dentures in Danville, VA that will provide you with lasting aesthetics and function!

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