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Living with a Broken, Failing Smile?

Permanently Replace All Your Teeth

Your smile is full of decaying and missing teeth. It’s no longer comfortable to eat most foods. It’s too embarrassing to smile anymore. You’re in a constant state of worry about your failing teeth. While this is a scary and discouraging situation to be in, know that there is a life-changing solution in full mouth dental implants! Designed to permanently replace all teeth in your mouth, full arch dental implants completely restore your dental function, smile aesthetics, and oral health with a fixed bridge of teeth that look and feel natural.

Our experienced team at VSP Dental specializes in placing and restoring full mouth dental implants in Danville, VA. Leveraging our sophisticated design software, surgical technology, and full in-house Sirona dental lab, we can streamline your treatment process, eliminate virtually all errors, and ensure the highest-quality results. Expect a new smile perfectly tailored to your oral health needs and smile goals, designed to last for the rest of your life! Take advantage of our free dental implant second opinion to learn more today.

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"Expect a new smile perfectly tailored to your oral health needs and smile goals, designed to last for the rest of your life!"

The Ultimate in Tooth Replacement

Full arch dental implants represent the ultimate in full mouth tooth replacement. The only truly permanent solution, full mouth dental implants can restore over 99% of your natural function so you can eat all the foods you love again. With superior quality materials used to create your new bridge of teeth, you will enjoy a fully custom smile that complements your facial features while remaining strong and resistant to staining and decay. Fixed teeth will also help improve your oral and overall health while giving your self-confidence a boost, too. No other solution in dentistry provides the amazing and life-changing advantages like full mouth dental implants do. If you’re considering dentures or even implant supported dentures, we encourage you to learn more about how full arch dental implants might be the better solution for you!

Comparing Your Full Arch Materials


IPS e.max®


How VSP Dental Restores Your Smile

Your first phase of treatment involves a comprehensive consultation and oral evaluation. Our full mouth dental implants in Danville, VA provide the ideal solution for virtually all our patients, no matter the condition of their mouth. Your consultation, along with CBCT imaging and digital impressions, will aid us in creating your personalized treatment plan. During this phase, we’ll also virtually map out your dental implant surgery using Sidexis or Blue Sky Bio digital software. Pre-planning your surgery means your actual procedure will be free from error, with a level of precision that better ensures the long-term success of your treatment.

Your full arch dental implant surgery will be fully guided. This means that we used our digital surgical plans to custom design a surgical guide that we fabricated with our 3D printer. This guide, when placed in your mouth, ensures the precise location, angle, and depth to place your dental implants. Your dental implants will be placed in areas of your jaw that have dense bone and positioned to optimize the fit of your final set of teeth as well as provide long-term durability and strength. Then, if the dental implants have achieved the desired primary stability, we’ll attach a temporary bridge of teeth hand-crafted right in our on-site dental lab.

Over the next three or more months as you recover from surgery, the dental implants will integrate with your jawbone, taking on similar characteristics to natural tooth roots. These dental implants will then have the security to permanently support a fixed bridge of teeth. We provide both e.max and zirconia prosthetics, two high-quality materials we use to custom-craft incredibly long-lasting, durable, and life-like sets of teeth. When secured to your dental implants, these teeth will not only look completely natural but provide a level of function and aesthetics comparable to healthy natural teeth—and in many cases, even better!

"We consider full mouth dental implants to be a long-term investment in your smile, health, and overall quality of life.."

Secure Financing for Dental Implants

We consider full mouth dental implants to be a long-term investment in your smile, health, and overall quality of life. With a full set of teeth securely fixed in your mouth, you’ll never again have to worry about an embarrassing denture slip or feeling hopeless as more of your teeth fall out. You’ll be able to bite and chew virtually all types of food with strong, sturdy teeth. And you’ll start to feel your best again with a gorgeous smile that boosts your confidence, health, and happiness.

Don’t let this amazing and life-changing solution pass by due to financial limitations. Along with providing a 5-year warranty on all our restorations, our team at VSP Dental provides numerous third-party dental financing options through LendingClub, CareCredit®, iCare Financial®, and Alphaeon® Credit. These companies provide low-interest loans so you can pay for your treatment in manageable monthly payments over a fixed-rate loan term. Our financial coordinator will be happy to assist you when applying and if you have any questions during your treatment.

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